Sour Cherry

The sour cherries structure is very fragile and they are very difficult to store.
That is why, as soon as they are picked, washed and have their stones removed, we freeze them to preserve all their nutrients for your table. Sour cherry fruit is low-calorie, rich in vitamins and minerals that help people suffering from gout, anemia, rickets, and against insomnia.

The fruit is gathered only by hand, without leaves and stems, washed, calibrated, inspected, strained off, stoned and then frozen shock, inspected again and after that packed in blue polythene and cardboard boxes – 1x10 kg.
The product consist of sound and ripe, non-fermented fruits.
We offer, as well, frozen sour cherries with stone.
We work with sour cherry, sort Oblacinska, characterized by sweet and sour taste.
The fruit is very shiny. Color is red to dark red.