Fruit and Vegetable Processing, Freezing & Storage Co.

FRIGO Ltd is a new and modern equipped enterprise in Bulgaria, engaged in fruit and vegetable processing, freezing and storage.

We are a company established by GARDENIA Ltd, an experienced farmer growing strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, sour cherries, plums and peppers.
Grown with love fruits and vegetables are carefully processed and frozen.
Our aim is to offer a high quality frozen fruits and vegetables at home and abroad.
We work with the desire to make the name of our company synonymous with quality.
We are proud of our cohesive team, where are honored the family traditions.

Our plantations are certified according to the global quality standard GLOBAL G.A.P.

- Regular studies of water, soil and production

- Strict control of pesticides and heavy metals

- Working with quality fertilizers and preparations